It's Your Lucky Day

Playing Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies is an optional proposition bet used in the game of Blackjack. Lucky Ladies may only be played on 2-8 deck Blackjack games.

The proposition is whether or not the Player’s first two cards equal a total of twenty, (e.g. Ace of Clubs and Nine of Clubs) or match (e.g. two identical cards such as matching King of Diamonds). Special bonuses are awarded if the Player’s Queen of Hearts pair occurs at the same time the Dealer has a Blackjack.

The outcome of the primary Blackjack bet has no bearing on the Lucky Ladies bet and vice versa. A Player can win on one and lose on the other. Other than the payment or loss of the proposition bet on the first two cards, there is no affect on the primary game of Blackjack and no changes in the Dealer procedures of Player strategy.

Lucky Ladies Rules of Play

  • Lucky Ladies is a Blackjack variation involving a side bet.
  • All standard Blackjack Rules of Play apply.
  • Player may bet from $1 to $25 on the Lucky Ladies bet.
  • There is a maximum aggregate payout of $25,000.
  • The winning payoff odds are as follows:
    • Queen of Hearts pair w/Dealer Blackjack | Pays 1,000 to 1
    • Queen of Hearts pair | Pays 125 to 1
    • Matched 20 | Pays 19 to 1
    • Suited 20 | Pays 9 to 1
    • Any 20 | Pays 4 to 1