House Rules

Safety & Security Policies

Gila River Hotels & Casinos (Lone Butte Casino, Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino and Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino) are considered public facilities that host a diverse population of local residents and visitors for a variety of events, including concerts, family shows, sporting events, corporate rentals and other events. Gila River Hotels & Casinos takes pride in providing a clean, safe environment for our guests to enjoy their favorite form of entertainment.

Public safety is absolutely priority number one at Gila River Hotels & Casinos and we rely on the cooperation and the good judgment of every person who enters our facilities to ensure this level of safety. All Indian Gaming is conducted and regulated by the Gila River Indian Community.

Age of Access

No person under the age of 21 is permitted to gamble. Persons under the age of 21 are permitted to use the walkways around the exterior edges of the casino floor in order to patronize restaurants, food court and concert/special even venues. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.


Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc. requires you to carry valid government issued identification while you are on premises and you may be asked to show it upon request.

Disallowed Items

Gila River Casino staff will not take possession of prohibited items from any guest at any time. Any prohibited item left at any entrance by a guest will be disposed of immediately.

The following items are NOT allowed in Gila River Casinos under any circumstances:

  • Weapons, firearms, pepper spray/mace, flares or fireworks
  • Food, beverage, liquid containers, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers or water bottles
  • Workman’s Tool, pocket knives, or any other tool and/or weapon
  • Laser pens/pointers and flashlights
  • Laptop/tablet computers are not allowed on the gaming floor
  • Noise making devices: Air horns, cowbells, drums or whistles
  • Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters
  • Pamphlets or product samples unless pre-approval has been granted by Executive Management
  • Skateboards, rollerblades or bicycles
  • Drugs or illegal substances
  • Video or audio recording devices of any kind
  • Any item that may be deemed potentially harmful

Bag Policy

All persons and bags are subject to search. Gila River Hotels & Casinos does not provide a general area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings. We are not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Gila River Hotels & Casinos will not take possession of prohibited items from any guest at any time. Any prohibited item left at any entrance by a guest will be disposed of immediately.

People attempting to bring in items listed above will be asked to return them to their vehicle or take them offsite.

Lost or Stolen Items

Gila River Hotels & Casinos is not responsible for TITO Tickets/credits or other personal items of value left unattended or lost on property.

Camera/Video Recording Device Policy

Point and shoot cameras and cell phone cameras are permitted provided they are non-professional, intended for personal use and have a non-detachable lens less than three inches in length.  No video cameras and or cell phone videos are permitted. No flashes are permitted at any time.

Surveillance Monitoring

Gila River Casinos are under monitored surveillance 24 hours a day.

Alcohol Policy

No outside alcohol is permitted in the venue.  Consumption of alcohol in the parking lot is prohibited.

Service Animals/Guide Dogs

Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited in Gila River Casinos with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities. Service animals are welcome inside the venue, but must, at all times, remain on a leash or in a harness. Service animals should rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than in the aisle. A guest whose service animal poses a threat to the safety of other Gila River Casino guests and employees may be asked to escort the animal off the premises.


All jackpots must be claimed within one (1) year of the date being won.  Jackpot payouts and/or reportable transactions require at minimum two pieces of acceptable identification (as dictated by GRGE Acceptable Identification Policy) one of which must be a validated TIN check (for U.S. Citizens or Resident Aliens).


Casino guests may contest the payment of any winnings by immediately contacting a member of casino management. All guests have the right to request a Tribal Gaming investigation of a dispute involving winnings. Such requests can be made by contacting a Tribal Gaming Inspector on the casino floor. Disputes over winnings of at least $500 require immediate involvement of the Tribal Gaming office.

Self-Exclusions, Exclusions for Cause and Operational Bans

Individuals who have requested self-exclusion from the Arizona Department of Gaming and/or Gila River Indian Community Tribal Gaming Office, have been excluded for cause from Gila River Casinos or have been issued an Operational Ban from Gila River Casinos are not welcome at any Gila River Casino Property until that ban or exclusion has been rescinded. If you are caught at Gila River Casinos while the ban or exclusion is still active, you will be considered trespassing and may be issued a trespassing citation and further any gaming instrument (Chips, TITO Tickets, or other gaming instrument) in your possession will be retained by Gila River Casinos. These items will not be returned to you.

Refusal of Service

Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time without providing a reason.