How To Play Blackjack

Everyone in Blackjack plays against the Dealer. In the shoe version, Players receive both cards face up. The Dealer receives their first card face up and the second one face down. The object of the game is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over 21. If a hand goes over 21, it is called a “bust” and the wager is lost.

In Blackjack, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Tens count as 10. An Ace may be played as a one or eleven. All other cards are played at face value. A true “Blackjack” is when the first two cards equal 21 (e.g. Ace and any card with a value of 10). A “Blackjack” for the Players pays 3-2 times the original bet. All other bets are paid 1 to 1.

Players can never touch their cards. Simply indicate a “hit” or “stand” by using hand signals. If you want an additional card (a “hit”) you indicate by scratching the table with your finger. This may be done multiple times until you wish to “stand” or simply “bust” and lose. If you feel you are close enough to 21 and wish to “stand”, you indicate by waving your hand side to side over the table close to the bet.

If the Player’s first two cards are of equal value, they have the opportunity to “split” the hand as long as they equal the original bet on the second hand. They can “split” any similar cards up to three times to make four hands. Exception: Aces receive one card per Ace.

The Player may also “double down” on any two cards. A “double down” is to make a second wager equal to or less than the original bet in order to take only one “hit” card. Players always act on their hand before the Dealer does. Our rules say that the Dealer must draw to at least 17 and must hit “soft” 17. A soft hand is one where the Ace is counted as 11.

If your hand is less than the Dealer’s hand you lose your bet. Ties are a standoff called a “push” and your bet remains on the table.


Blackjack Rules Of Play

  • Players are responsible for counting their own point totals for their hands.
  • Players cards are dealt face up.
  • Players do not touch the cards.
  • Hand signals are used to draw, stand, hit or double down.
  • All bets pay 1-1 (even money).
  • Blackjack for Player pays 3-2.
  • Insurance pays 2-1.
  • Players may double down on any first two cards, except for Blackjack.
  • Players may double down after split.
  • Players may split any pair up to 3 times to make 4 hands (Aces one card on each).
  • Dealers will draw to 17 and must hit soft 17.
  • Players may play 2 consecutive spots at 2 times the table minimum per hand.
  • Players may play 3 consecutive spots at 3 times the table minimum per hand.
  • If a Player is playing multiple hands and other guests are waiting to play, the Pit Supervisor/Manager may decide that the Player may have to give up playing their additional hands.
  • All bets are final after the first card has been dealt.
  • Players with a Blackjack may request an even money payoff before the dealer looks at their hole card if they are showing an Ace.
  • Players who choose not to play must give up their seat.
  • Management may request valid identification from Players. If a Player refuses to identify him/herself, Management reserves the right to terminate his/her play.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate a guest’s play at Management’s discretion.
  • The Pit Supervisor/Manager will correct any dealing errors occurring in the game.
  • No “Foreign” chips, tokens, currency, coin, coupons or any other forms of monetary exchange not issued by the Gila River Gaming Enterprises or the U.S. Government will be accepted for exchange or play.
  • Summaries of the rules relevant to the method of play and odds paid winning wagers shall be legible and posted in conspicuous and conveniently accessible locations available to all Players in the Blackjack area.
  • Side betting of any type is not allowed.
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