Playing Slots

Playing Slot Machines

There are different choices of Slot machines that a customer would have when arriving at the casino. There is the unskilled, video and mechanical reel and the skilled, Video Poker.

Unskilled Games:

Whether it’s video or mechanical reel the way that it is played is virtually the same. You select a game that visually appeals to you. There are hundreds of different makes and models. Sit down and look to see that there are no existing credits that have been left behind by another guest. Choose a denomination of currency you wish to put in the bill validater. (To date there are no machines that accept coins.) You may need to make a decision as to what denomination you wish to play. You then can make a selection of how many lines you wish to play on the game, ranging from 1-100. You will then choose how much you would like to bet per line. The reels will spin, you may be taken into a bonus round that allows you choose objects that increase your credit amount or you may have an outcome that does not. You can then change your bet per line or repeat your bet. Enjoy and have fun!

Skilled Games:

The Video Poker product has many different themes associated with it. Choose a theme that appeals to you. Insert your currency and choose a denomination for play. You will then need to make a decision of how many credits, from 1-5, you wish to play. Push the deal button and 5 cards will be displayed. You have the opportunity to hold as many cards as you need to optimize getting a winning hand. Push the deal button again to have the un-held cards replaced and determine your outcome. Play and have fun.

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