Playing Three Card Poker Progressive

Playing Three Card Poker Progressive

The 3 Card Poker with 6 Card bonus Progressive Jackpot is an optional $1 wager made by the player. Make a Royal Flush in Spades and win 100% of the jackpot. Make a Royal Flush in any other suit and receive 25% of the progressive jackpot. See the table layout for all odds payouts. Play today at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino, Lone Butte Casino and Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino.

Three Card Poker is an exciting stud Poker game that offers three ways to play and four different ways to win. You may bet against the Dealer, bet on the value of your own three card hand, or bet both. Bonus payouts may be had for certain hands when wagering against the Dealer.

Pair Plus
Pair Plus lets you bet on your own hand. If your hand contains a pair or better, you win!

Ante lets you play against the Dealer’s hand. It’s just your cards against the Dealer’s. If you bet ANTE and like your hand, you must place an equal wager on the Play spot. It’s your Three Card Poker hand against the Dealer’s Three Card Poker hand, and the best hand wins!

To Play Both
It’s you and your cards for a pair or better; it’s you and the Dealer for the best Three Card Poker hand. You must also make the PLAY wager or you will forfeit the ANTE wager.

Ante Bonus
If you make the ANTE and PLAY wagers, you may win a bonus payout even if the Dealer doesn’t qualify, and even if the Dealer’s hand beats your hand. Please refer to the table layout for payout details.

6 Card Bonus Wager

The 6 card Bonus side wager is based on the best 5-card Poker hand that can be made from the six cards dealt to the Dealer and guest. Thus, each guest uses his own 3 cards and combines them with the Dealer’s 3 cards. The guest is eligible to win this wager even if the guest folds his or her Ante/Play Wager.


Rules of Play

  • Player’s cards are dealt face down.
  • Players may use only 1 hand to pick up the cards. (May use 2 hands to set cards)
  • Players must be seated to play.
  • Players may not exchange or communicate information regarding their hand.
  • Players may wager on Pair Plus only which is playing the hand value only and not against the Dealer.
  • Players may wager on 6 Card Bonus with either an Ante or Pair Plus wager
  • Pair Plus pays:
    • Straight Flush | Pays 40 to 1
    • Three-of-a-Kind | Pays 30 to 1
    • Straight | Pays 6 to 1
    • Flush | Pays 3 to 1
    • Pair | Pays 1 to 1
  • Players may wager on Ante and Play with or without wagering on the Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus.
  • Play wager must always equal Ante wager.
  • Dealer plays with Queen High or better.
  • Ante wager and Play wager pay 1 to 1.
  • Ante Bonus pays:
    • Straight Flush | Pays 5 to 1
    • Three-of-a-Kind | Pays 3 to 1
    • Straight | Pays 1 to 1
  • 6 card Bonus Wager pays:
    • Royal Flush | Pays 1,000 to 1
    • Straight Flush | Pays 200 to 1
    • 4-of-a-kind | Pays 50 to 1
    • Full House | Pays 25 to 1
    • Flush | Pays 20 to 1
    • Straight | Pays 10 to 1
    • 3 of-a-kind | Pays 5 to 1
  • The rank of the cards in order of highest to lowest rank shall be: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2.
  • The rank of hands from highest to lowest are: Straight Flush, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, Flush, Pair and High Card.
  • Players who choose to not play must give up their seats.
  • Management may request valid identification from Players.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate a guest's play at Management's discretion.
  • The Supervisor/Manager will correct any dealing errors occurring on the game.
  • No “Foreign” chips, tokens, coin, coupons or any other forms of monetary exchange not issued by the Gila River Gaming Enterprises or the U.S. Government will be accepted for exchange or play.
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